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Word renowned floor standing, bookshelf, centre speakers and subwoofers

Bowers & Wilkins has an unrelenting dedication to audio excellence that delivers breathtaking performance with clarity of sound that elevates, enriches, and immerses you in the experience. Their award-winning premium headphones, passive and wireless audio speakers leverage engineering innovation and harmonious design that create the freedom to listen without boundaries, fitting in effortlessly into your everyday life and home.

At the forefront of high-performance audio technology for more than 50 years, Bowers & Wilkins has earned countless awards and accolades from some of the most influential and important publications, musicians, recording studios, and music labels including Abbey Road Studios, Skywalker Studios, BMI, and Hollywood Records.

Bowers & Wilkins Products

Why choose Bower & Wilkins for your home audio solution?

The pursuit of true sound is at the heart of all Bower & Wilkins products, which are designed to reproduce the original performance in all its subtlety — just as it was intended by the artist.

When it comes to high-end speakers, the Bowers & Wilkins name is synonymous with quality. The company’s product line comprises floorstanding and ceiling or wall-mounted loudspeakers, bookshelf and centre speaker systems as well as subwoofers and wireless and soundbar options.

John Bowers created Bowers & Wilkins more than 50 years ago. One of his primary goals was to produce recorded sound just like the live performance the artist intended it to be. All of the company’s values have been fashioned by its founder’s insatiable quest for perfection and his determination to not accept anything less than the best.

Bowers & Wilkins products are designed and manufactured to have you share the absolute joy and utter delight of a true sound experience. Every product is made to be greater than the sum of its wires, metal and code: to be authentic to everything the company stands for.

The range of Bowers & Wilkins speaker  for sale at Distinction Audio


Five unique ranges of Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker models are available. These products have undergone exhaustive development and testing, and each is designed to be the best it can be at the price it is being sold for.


The ultimate Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker.  Creating the world’s finest, most precise, and exhilaratingly melodic loudspeaker necessitates that the form must be dramatic as well. It’s one thing to have high-end audio; it’s another to have Nautilus.

800 Series Diamond

Excellence that does not sacrifice quality and does not make concessions. Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers are sought after by the most renowned recording studios in the world for no other reason than the fact that they represent the apex of sound superiority.

700 Signature Series and 700 Series

With the 700 Signature Series, The company condensed decades of engineering expertise into a collection of speakers that sound even better than they look. Seeing and hearing 700 Signature Series is believing.

With the 700 Series, you can hear every nuance of the artist’s purpose. It’s a series with a multitude of options to meet any and all home theatre or hi-fi needs, and it raises the bar on aesthetics and audio quality at this price point.

Explore the 702 S2 Floor Standing Speakers with its three AerofoilTM Profile bass drivers, a ContinuumTM cone, and a solid body tweeter housing on top. These studio-grade features were taken from the 800 Series Diamond and put into the 702 S2.

600 Anniversary Series

The 600 Series recently celebrated  25 years on the market and Bowers & Wilkins marked the milestone by Introducing the 600 Series Anniversary Edition.

The 600 Series Anniversary range’s biggest and most powerful loudspeaker is the 603 S2 Anniversary Edition. A floor-standing speaker that is made to have great power, accuracy, and musicality. Ideal for larger rooms and home theatres. It comes in black, white, and a new finish that looks like wood.


The Bowers & Wilkins range includes two high-performance sound bars.

The luxuriously equipped Formation Bar combines wireless convenience with striking appearance and exquisite performance. The Panorama 3 is a home theatre powerhouse with Dolby Atmos and Amazon Alexa built into a single, good-looking piece.

Home theatre

Bowers & Wilkins has the home theatre system you need, no matter how big or small, discreet or bold. Have a look at the MT-60D home theatre system that is made up of five very powerful but not very big M-1 speakers and a PV1D subwoofer. The M-1 loudspeaker is small and perfectly shaped, standing only 25 cm tall and it has the same Nautilus tube technology as the Bower & Wilkins biggest flagship loudspeakers.

Experience the MT-60D that combines five M-1 speakers with the legendary PV1D subwoofer, making it one of the most powerful yet compact systems on the market. Such a little speaker system has never sounded so strong before.

Integrated Solutions

For the optimal he Bower & Wilkins experience opt for an integrated solution in your home, at your office, on your yacht, the outdoors or in your private cinema.

Headphones and earbuds

With PI5 and P17 True Wireless earbuds, you can get rid of distractions with advanced noise cancellation, get clear calls, and hear music the way the artist intended.

For more information about any of the Bowers & Wilkins speakers for sale in our online store, get in touch with a consultant today.

A mutual love of music was the impetus for the formation of our business relationship with Bowers & Wilkins. Bowers & Wilkins are known all over the world for their bespoke home audio solutions, and Distinction Audio provides, designs, and installs all of their products. Our smart home solution and connected devices will provide you with a delightfully smooth experience overall. You will find us at 181 High Street CHRISTCHURCH or email for a quote on your favourite Bowers & Wilkins product.

There is little doubt that the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system in the 8 Series and 7 Series is worth it for genuine audio and visual enthusiasts  who can hear the subtle distinctions between high-end speakers.

The sound quality is excellent. The price will be higher the better the sound quality is. And the difference in sound is very clear. It also has bass that doesn’t get distorted, which shows that the materials used are expensive.

John Bowers established the company in Worthing, West Sussex, England, in 1966 as a family business. Sound United, a holding company that owns several other audio companies, purchased Bowers & Wilkins in October 2020.

A total of twenty people work in the research facility to keep it running smoothly. Ray Greenwood, Dr. Steve Roe, Dr. John Dibb, Dr. Glyn Adams, Dr. Peter Fryer, and Laurence Dickie are among the notable engineers who have worked in research at the company.