C Seed TV

100" TV Outdoor & indoor unfolding TV

The C SEED N1 TV is an object of singular refinement and a perfectly balanced match for both classic and contemporary interior design environments. With its minimalistic floor stand it gives the impression of a one-piece sculptural element that reflects contemporary architectural sensibilities. With its screen able to rotate 180 degrees left and right rotation it adjusts smoothly to all viewing situations. When not in use, it discreetly folds back onto its base, a stunning piece of kinetic art.

founded in 2009

C SEED Entertainment Systems matches minimalistic design with impeccable craftsmanship to create leading-edge luxury electronics. This award-winning company was founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek together with Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup, two former Bang & Olufsen managers. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with a branch office and showroom in Los Angeles, California.

100 TV

C seed Outdoor Speakers

After a single touch on a smartphone or tablet, the C SEED Hyde 125 loudspeakers rise out of the ground, providing superior sound to round off perfect days, complement beautiful surroundings and entertain guests at garden parties. With best sound quality, the weatherproof C SEED Hyde 125 loudspeakers are the last word in open-air sound brilliance and sound quality – a system of passive speakers for configurations ranging from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround. L-Acoustics passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and powerful brilliance. Each speaker projects a 110 degree beam angle, enabling the system to cover even large scale terraces while providing a thoroughly solid, stable sound experience.