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The best power amplifiers for sale in New Zealand

The power amplifier is the core of every audio system. The amplifier is responsible for doing all of the laborious tasks necessary to provide you with a high-quality listening experience.

A power amplifier is an electronic device that accepts an electrical signal amplify its power to drive speakers. The increase in power is obtained by dramatically boosting the input signal.

Because of the wide variety of applications for power amplifiers, the output power of these devices varies widely. A power amplifier made for use with loudspeakers in a sound reinforcement system can have an output power of between 100watts to a staggering 1.5 kW. Power amplifiers for back-ends in professional recording studios normally do not have power output exceeding 1 kW.

Integrated designs make up the vast majority of amplifiers sold in the audio market. However, when compared to integrated amps, power amplification units produce much more higher quality power, which is why power amplification is a good idea.

Looking for amps, NZ? Distinction Audio is your one-stop-shop for amplifier NZ-wide.

The power amplifiers for sale from Distinction Audio are designed to accommodate a wide range of high-end requirements, from the most fundamental to the most extravagant. Distinction Audio provides audio gear that delivers extraordinary sound and is aesthetically pleasing, and it does it at an affordable price.

We’re truly passionate about great audio, which is why we carefully select the best brands on the market to ensure you get the best stereo amplifier NZ has to offer.

We understand that each customer has unique audio requirements and preferences – just check out our awesome collection of amplifiers for sale and see for yourself. 

Feel and listen to the difference with Distinction Audio.

The Distinction Audio power amplifier NZ range

Gryphon, Yamaha, Rotel, Trinnov, AudioControl, and Dan D’Agostino are just a few of the well-known audio companies producing amps NZ loves.


Gryphon’s goal has always been to provide the best audio possible, in terms of sheer melody, clarity and realism. Years of experience producing Antileon EVO and Mephisto, as well as continued research in the realms of circuit architecture, component quality and dependability have resulted in Apex: the new flagship amplifier of the Gryphon Audio Designs brand.


Rotel have been manufacturing category-defining amplifiers for decades now, and delivers fantastic quality power amps from two channel stereo 350w each channel all the way to 12 channel 100w amps. Rotel’s new stereo Class AB power amplifier is capable of delivering 350 watts per channel into an eight-ohm load when both channels are powered.


Yamaha is the premier sound company in the world, with more than a century of expertise. The time-honoured craftsmanship and market-leading innovation of the M-5000 and MX-A5200 AVENTAGE power amplifiers embody this tradition and serve as the pinnacle of high-fidelity audio reproduction.


The Amplitude16 is the most flexible power amplifier ever made, so it can meet all of your home theatre’s needs. The Amplitude16 was made for immersive home theatres with custom integration in mind. This makes it one of the most flexible power amplifiers on the market today, giving integrators the ability to meet different channel counts and power needs.


No name is more intimately connected with high-end audio amplifiers than that of Dan D’Agostino. Building on almost a decade of amazing critical and customer acceptance for the Momentum amplifier platform, the new MxV performance level lifts this highly appreciated amplifier to even higher heights. The Momentum M400 MxV models incorporate concepts and topologies previously developed and applied in the Relentless Mono Amplifier.


AudioControl amplifiers run cool, giving authoritative power and flawless audio performances while ensuring bulletproof durability to last, quite literally, a lifetime. AudioControl amplifiers are constructed on a unique Class H architecture, which produces authoritative power and immaculate sonics without creating the additional heat inherent to conventional designs.


Looking for an upgraded stereo amplifier, NZ? With more efficient components, high-definition audio format technology and reinvented aesthetics, the 8300 Series has upped the standard. The 8300XP is a classic Audiolab stereo power amplifier, with a sound as clean and sharp as its basic design. The 8300MB is a compact powerhouse, holding 250W of pure, harmonic amplification.

Why choose Distinction Audio to buy your Power Amplifier NZ?

An audio system’s power amplifiers are critical to its overall sound quality. Choosing the correct amplifier for your loudspeakers and complete sound system is a huge choice. There are so many alternatives out there when it comes to buying a power amplifier. With a love for creative and high quality products and decades of expertise, Distinction Audio has earned a reputation for itself as a go-to source for power amplifiers in home.

Consumers and businesses all around the globe can benefit from cutting-edge smart home automation technology thanks to Distinction Audio‘s high-quality products, low prices, and multinational design team, which can create a tailored product at a budget appropriate price for any location. You might also enjoy our range of floorstanding speakers and bookshelf speakers for sale.


Does a power amplifier NZ make for better sound?

In a perfect audio setup, pre-amps NZ should boost audio signals without messing with the sound quality. They just process and linearly enhance the audio signal coming from your source device, like a turntable or CD player, without affecting the sound itself.

In reality, however, not all amps, amp settings, or amp-speaker combos are perfect. Sometimes, you might end up with distortion, noise, or other issues that can mess with the sound quality of your system.

To get the best sound out of your speakers and headphones, you're going to need an amplifier. And that's where a power amplifier can make a real difference. It gives your speakers or headphones a cleaner, stronger signal, making your tunes sound even better.

Can speakers damage my amplifier?

Even though it’s not likely to happen, speakers can damage an amplifier, if the amplifier is putting too much strain on the speakers. It’s more likely that your amplifier may damage the speakers which in response can destroy the amplifier. This is more likely to occur when you connect low-impedance speakers to the amplifier.

The impedance of a speaker refers to the resistance it offers to the flow of electrical current. When a speaker has a low impedance, it allows more current to flow through it, putting additional stress on the amplifier. This stress can cause the amplifier to overheat, leading to damage or even failure.

To avoid this scenario, it is essential to make sure that your amplifier and speakers are compatible. Always check the impedance ratings of both the amplifier and the speakers before connecting them. Most amplifiers will have a recommended range of speaker impedance that they can handle safely. Connecting speakers with an impedance that falls within this range will ensure that the amplifier can deliver the necessary power without straining itself or the speakers.

Another factor to consider is the power output of the amplifier. Make sure that the amplifier's power output does not exceed the power handling capacity of the speakers. Overpowering speakers can cause damage to the speaker components, such as the voice coil or cone, which can then lead to issues with the amplifier.

What does a power amplifier do?

A power amplifier is an essential component in audio systems, as it plays a crucial role in amplifying the input signal to a level that works for driving loudspeakers. This device takes a low-power audio signal, usually coming from a preamplifier or other audio source, and increases its power level so that it can deliver the necessary current to drive speakers effectively. Power amplifiers NZ are responsible for providing the muscle behind the music, making them a critical element in achieving high-quality audio reproduction.

Power amplifiers work by taking the input audio signal, which is generally a low-level voltage signal, and amplifying it into a high-power output signal. The output signal is then sent to the speakers, where it is transformed into sound waves that we can hear. The process of amplification involves increasing the amplitude or strength of the audio signal without altering its basic characteristics, such as frequency and waveform.

Power amplifiers need to handle large amounts of electrical power, as they have to deal with high current demands from the speakers. This requires that they be designed with robust and efficient components, such as large power transformers and high-quality capacitors, to ensure that they can deliver the necessary power without distortion or overheating.

To enhance your listening experience, browse our amplifiers for sale today.

Do I need an integrated or a power amplifier?

Deciding between an integrated amplifier and a separate preamplifier and power amplifier setup depends on your preferences and circumstances. Integrated amplifiers are all-in-one solutions combining a preamp and power amp in a single unit. They're generally more affordable, compact, and user-friendly, making them attractive for those new to high-quality audio or with limited space.

Integrated amplifiers NZ offer cost, space-saving, and simplicity benefits. They're budget-friendly, take up less space, and provide a simpler setup process. Additionally, compatibility issues between separate components aren't a concern, as the preamp and power amp are designed to work together.

On the other hand, separate preamplifier and power amplifier setups are preferred by audiophiles seeking the best sound quality. Separating the components allows for precise control, customisation, and improved sound quality due to reduced interference between amplification stages.

Separate setups provide better sound quality, customisation, scalability, and performance. They offer lower noise and distortion, more flexibility in selecting and upgrading equipment, easier integration of new gear, and typically better performance than integrated counterparts.

What is the difference between mono, stereo, and multi-channel power amplifiers NZ?

A mono amplifier, also known as a monoblock amplifier, is designed to power a single speaker. It has one output channel and is commonly used in subwoofer setups, where a dedicated amp is required to deliver the necessary power for accurate bass reproduction. Mono amplifiers provide a focused audio solution for specific speaker configurations.

Stereo amplifiers, on the other hand, have two output channels and are designed to power a pair of speakers. They're ideal for traditional two-channel audio setups, such as those used for listening to music. Stereo amplifiers NZ offer a balanced audio experience, delivering sound that captures the full spectrum of audio frequencies and providing a more immersive listening experience.

Multi-channel power amplifiers are designed for more complex audio setups, such as home theatre systems. These amplifiers have multiple output channels, allowing them to power several speakers simultaneously. Multi-channel amplifiers are the backbone of a surround sound kit, delivering audio to multiple speakers for an enveloping audio experience that brings movies and TV shows to life.

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