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Wharfedale EVO4.2 Bookshelf Speakers

The best bookshelf speakers for sale in New Zealand

Bookshelf speakers are designed to be placed on a well-designed stand, table, shelf or other raised surface, not on the ground. Made for small and medium-sized rooms or surround speaker in a home theatre setup, these speakers provide a wide range of features. They are also really popular. They could have a better low-frequency responsiveness due to their tiny size. If you’re a movie or music fan, though, you may want to add a subwoofer in order to get the most out of these speakers. Bookshelf speakers are often used in conjunction with a powerful subwoofer as part of a home theatre surround sound system.

Bookshelf speakers with built-in amplifiers can be used as stand-alone systems on their own. This eliminates the need for an external amplifier or receiver, resulting in a more compact and portable speaker system. This is especially helpful if you’re using a turntable or a small pair of stereo speakers to improve the sound quality of your TV. Also known as an Active Speaker system.

Bookshelf speakers for sale from Distinction Audio cover the spectrum from the most basic to the most opulent high-end needs. You can get high-quality audio equipment in a stylish design from Distinction Audio for a great price.

Bookshelf speakers have been at the heart of the party since the golden days of hi-fi systems that were integrated and even colour-matched to the furniture. In terms of value, they still have the finest balance between sound quality and size.

The Distinction Audio bookshelf speakers range

We have a large variety of models that were manufactured by some of the most well-known brands in the audio business, such as Wilson Audio, Yamaha, Warferdale, Bowers and Wilkins,, Estelon, and Cambrige Audio, Dali, KLH amongst others.

Bowers and Wilkins

Distinction Audio has the affordable Series 600 S2 Anniversary Edition, the 700 Signature Series, the award-winning 800 Diamond Series, and the versatile and discreet M1 Satellite Speaker. Its swivelling multi-position foot allows it to be placed on a shelf or a wall, and its custom stand allows it to be raised to the ideal listening height for every situation. Regardless of where you place it, the music it makes is sure to catch your ear.


From the trendy Heritage Denton series, economical, classic hi-fi Diamond 12 series to the luxurious Elysian 4 or progeny EVO4 series, you will discover a Wharfedale bookshelf speaker that will fit your taste and your budget. Audio reproduction that is on par with that of the very finest loudspeakers in the world is made possible by a combination of cutting-edge technology and design that is at the forefront of its industry.

Wilson Audio

When it comes to high-end speakers, Wilson Audio is a household name. The TuneTot is the newest innovation from the Wilson engineering team. It is a contemporary technological tour de force meant to deliver the timbral beauty, dynamic nuance, soundstage definition, and transparency — all the characteristics of Wilson loudspeakers design culture.


Available from Distinction Audio is the flagship Yamaha NS 5000 three-way bookshelf speaker system, establishing a new bar in performance and quality by which all other Hi-Fi speakers should be compared. Also on offer is the Yamaha NS-333 speaker system that has been built primarily for home theatre applications.

Cambridge Audio

SX50 is a pair of compact bookshelf speakers that can fit in the tiniest and most demanding of areas but still generate a strong, room-filling sound. SX60 standmount speakers expand on the qualities of the SX50s but with a wider footprint.


The XC Mk II provides the Estelon characteristic depth and breadth of sound quality in the shape of a less high, but no less elegant, full-range monitor. Inspired by the evolution of its historical XA speaker, the XC Mk II is a stand-mount design, constructed to the same industry-leading standards as the floor-standing collection.

Why choose Distinction Audio to buy your bookshelf speaker?

Bookcase speakers are the epitome of amiable sound quality. As the name says, these speakers are tiny and compact, and they make the ideal complement to a new hi-fi system. One of the nicest things about bookshelf speakers is that they can serve a dual purpose. They are incredibly comfortable playing music, but they are just as excellent as part of a surround sound system.

At Distinction Audio, we bring cutting-edge smart home automation technology to consumers and companies all across the world with our top quality goods, competitive rates and our team of international designers, who can develop a customised solution anywhere.

We are certain that you will be able to find the ideal bookshelf speakers for your needs at Distinction Audio, regardless of the amount of money that you are prepared to invest. We also offer a range of other products, including power amplifiers and floorstanding speakers for sale.

Frequently asked questions

Do bookshelf speakers sound better than soundbars?

Soundbars often do not match the audio quality of bookshelf speakers. This is because they provide a broader stereo spectrum, have bigger drivers that can create greater frequency response, and often have a higher efficiency rating and wider frequency range than that of soundbars.

Can you place bookshelf speakers on the floor?

Never position your speakers so that they are directly on the ground. Invest in or build at least a simple stand to safeguard your technological equipment in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

How would you connect an Active bookshelf speaker to the TV?

If your TV doesn’t HDMI connections for audio output, it may feature an Optical output (TOSLINK) output. You may use this to link your TV to the active speakers system. Use an audio Optical plug on your television’s output and an audio Optical Input plug on your speakers to do this.

Where should you ideally place your bookshelf speakers?

If your space is a rectangle, the speakers should be positioned towards the far end of the rectangle so that they project over the length of the room. To avoid reflections, place the speakers 500mm from the walls. To archive optimal speaker placement place the speaker the same distance from each other as the distance from the listening position creating an triangle.

Is there an ideal height to place bookshelf speakers?

While measuring the distance from your ears to the floor may be more accurate when just one person is using the speakers or when you often have visitors over, an average ear height of 91 to 96.5 centimetres is generally just as good.