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Minx X201 Subwoofer

The Finest Subwoofers for Sale in New Zealand

A good quality subwoofer could be just the thing that ends up completely changing how you experience your audio. Designed to take up as little space as possible and known for being able to give you a really good bass, a subwoofer or two can really up your sound quality while also being quite discreet.

Subwoofers make all kinds of audio better. Regardless of the type of music you love to play, a subwoofer will enhance the beats and really bring out every aspect of the tune. Whether you are upgrading your subwoofers or if you are buying a subwoofer for the very first time, you will find some of the best selections of subwoofers for sale from Distinction Audio. We only stock the world’s best audio brands and with our many years of experience, we can help you find the ideal subwoofer for your specific needs.

What is a Subwoofer?

While things like speakers and headphones are pretty common and as such self-explanatory, subwoofers are not your everyday sort of audio equipment and as such while you might be looking to add a subwoofer to your setup, you might not actually know if you need one.

A subwoofer is basically a speaker but it is designed to reproduce low frequencies. They can be installed throughout the home, to provide discreet, surround sound audio to whichever room you want to add it to.

Because you get a wide range of subwoofers, you need to take extra care when buying your audio equipment as you are going to want to make sure that you have bought the right one for your needs.

And often the subwoofer that you choose is going to have an effect on the overall price that you pay. Some subwoofers are really expensive while others are cheaper, but might not always be the best quality. Since these are the types of speakers that you will want to own for a really long time, you will want to set aside a reasonable budget to pay for the equipment that you want.

Types of Subwoofers for sale

When making your subwoofer selection, there are all sorts of options you can choose from. Some are more complicated than others, and some are made to be simple and easy to work with. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you will get superb sound quality and you need to make sure that the subwoofer is compatible with your current audio equipment.

Some of the most common subwoofers that you can choose from include:

Powered Subwoofers

This is without a doubt the most common type of subwoofer on the market and it is popular because it is self-powered. This subwoofer has a built in amplifier and the sound volume can be controlled separately from the rest of the system.

Passive Subwoofer

This subwoofer has an external amplifier and this makes it somewhat similar to other speakers that you might have in your home. A passive subwoofer is a great option when you are setting up a home theatre and it can provide a really nice sound, depending on the size of the room and how much bass you want from the system.

Front Firing and Down Firing Subwoofer

With the front firing system, the sound is going to play from the side or from the front of the subwoofer and with the down firing subwoofer, the sound will play downwards, towards the floor. Both of these systems are designed to give you similar results and the result is audio that doesn’t seem to come from anywhere in particular, allowing you to experience the best possible sound.

Should You Go Wired or Wireless?

The age of wireless connectivity has made it easier than ever to setup your system in such a way that you can be a bit more creative and it allows you to work around any physical obstacles that could make a wired setup a little more complicated than it needs to be. But although wireless is all the range and really quite welcome in many homes and offices, wired is still as popular as ever and there are many great options you can have a look at.

Wireless subwoofers come with a transmitter kit which can be plugged into the receiver of just about any home theatre. They are able to produce the same high-quality sound and whichever one you choose should live up to your expectations.

What to Consider When Buying Your Subwoofer?

When making a decision about which subwoofer setup would be best for you, here are a couple of quick things to keep in mind.

Power Rating

Some subwoofers are better powered than others but the average subwoofer doesn’t need a huge power rating to deliver the best audio.


A well-built subwoofer is what will stop the subwoofer from experiencing sound disruptions caused by the system vibrating. Since the subwoofer is big on bass, you definitely don’t want vibrations causing the sound to be less than perfect.


The size of your driver will be what determines the range as well as the quality of the sound. The driver is basically the speaker and you will want a driver large enough to provide you with the audio you expect.

Subwoofers for Sale from Distinction Audio

At Distinction Audio, we have a wide range of subwoofers available from some of the world’s best brands. Our subwoofers are all incredibly well price and with our expertise and our experience we can help you get set up with a system, complete with subwoofers, to meet your needs. For more information or to buy one of our products you can contact us today or you can browse our website further. You might like our range of turntables, speakers and receivers for sale.