Gryphon Audio Designs is a prime proponent of a dedicated, no-frills, minimalist approach, leaving out tone controls, balance controls, headphone sockets, etc. in order to maintain signal integrity. Each Gryphon product is designed to serve the single purpose of maintaining the integrity of the input signal with no subtractive or additive colorations. The quality of the input signal itself (for better or for worse) must always be the sole factor which determines the final sound quality. This philosophy naturally entails that poor recordings will be revealed for what they are, while allowing fine recordings to be more fully appreciated. At Gryphon we have found soundstaging and ambience to be fundamental aspects of the live music experience. This awareness underlies the wide bandwidth which is one of the key points in Gryphon circuit topology. All Gryphon products feature ultra-wide frequency bandwidth to ensure perfect phase characteristics which are essential to correct soundstage reproduction. Broadband frequency response is also an indication of the high slew rate of every Gryphon gain stage.
Gryphon Products