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Whether you are interested in a fixed seat dedicated home cinema room, or a multi-purposes media/living space, on a superyacht in the middle of the Pacific ocean or anything in between, our team of international designers can design a bespoke solution for each area that complies with CEB22 and CEB23 recommendations.

We use the industry-leading software “The CEDIA Designer” to achieve globally recognised standards in audio excellence as well as customer satisfaction.

The world-renowned brands providing in-wall and on-wall speaker systems for each install help us achieve the design criteria with headroom for effortless performance.

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The CEDIA Designer

The CEDIA Designer calculates in minutes what would typically take an experienced cinema designer days or weeks to produce. The software enables us to quickly create technically-impeccable dedicated cinema or media room designs, audio and video calibration reports, aesthetic renders, 3D CAD drawings, and a 30+ page, client-ready proposal.

The CEDIA Designer adheres to the CTA/CEDIA CEB-22 and CEB-23 Home Theater Audio and Video Recommended Practices, improving performance and eliminating subjectivity in cinema design.