75 years of experience

With more than 75 years of setting the standards in perfecting loudspeaker performance, the most advanced research and development program, and the most integrated and thorough manufacturing and quality control process in the industry, Wharfedale, in order to remain at the forefront of audio, has dedicated a 1.5 million square foot of manufacturing operation in which every single product and process takes place in-house. This makes the design of any new loudspeaker an acoustic engineer’s dream. Instead of having to use off-the-shelf components from a catalogue as most other purported ‘hi-fi’ companies choose to, we are able to build a complete vision – to engineer every single component from scratch to achieve a harmony in performance and balance. Floorstanding, bookshelf, center speakers and subwoofers for each requirement.
Wharfedale Products

Why choose Wharfedale products?

After 75 years of setting standards in loudspeaker performance, Wharfedale has dedicated a 1.5 million square foot manufacturing operation to its most sophisticated research and development programme and the industry’s most integrated and thorough manufacturing and quality control process.

A new loudspeaker’s design can become a sound engineer’s fantasy. Unlike many hi-fi businesses that provide components from a catalog, Wharfedale prides itself with custom-engineering each and every component from scratch in order to produce a harmonious performance and balance.

Wharfedale’s performance in the hi-fi business reached even greater heights as a direct result of the company’s introduction of the Diamond 12 series. 

The company was established in 1932 in Yorkshire, England by Gilbert Briggs. Wharfedale is now an industry-leading force, which speaks to the firm’s success in today’s cutthroat professional market. Their portfolio consists of a wide variety of products, including home theatre packages, subwoofers, and W-pods, as well as loudspeaker ranges designed to accommodate a variety of applications and installations.


Our range of Wharfedale speakers for sale

The D300 series

At the beginning of the 1980s, Wharfedale made the first “budget” hi-fi speakers. With its new D300 Series, Wharfedale again changes the way people think about low-cost speakers with good sound. The D300 series boasts stylish enclosures. The drive units and bass reflex system stand out in particular. No other speaker range offers such high-quality features at such low prices.

Atmos speakers from Wharfedale elevate the immersive sound experience to a new level. Wharfedale’s lengthy history in cinematic and home theatre systems gives you a 3D cinema-audio listening experience in your own living room.

Heritage series

As a way to commemorate its history, Wharfedale has created the Heritage Series, which features modern re-engineerings of classic Wharfedale models. The Denton 80, the Denton 85th Anniversary Edition, and the newest Linton model are all part of the Heritage speaker line.

The Linton has a deep, well-defined bass, a midrange that is clear and open, free-breathing dynamics, and a large scale that makes music come alive.

Wharfedale Diamond

Since 1982, loudspeakers in the Diamond series have been praised all over the world for being excellent value for money, with performance that beats speakers that cost two to three times as much. The latest Diamond 12 range has technologies that aren’t usually available at these prices.

Diamond Active

It’s the combination of wireless technology and an award-winning loudspeaker formula that makes Wharfedale’s Diamond Active Series so impressive.There is no longer a need for cumbersome amplifiers and long cables. There are two packages: the Diamond A1 and the Diamond A2 (2 x floorstanding speakers). It is a central hub for all your audio sources, including analog, digital, and Bluetooth aptX connections —everything a modern music fan needs.


ELYSIAN is a true example of luxury audio in terms of its design, materials, and sound quality. With a comprehensive and no-compromises approach, the engineers at Wharfedale have made a luxury loudspeaker that is both reasonably priced and of audiophile-grade. From the Piano-Lacquer finished cabinet, which was made with true craftsmanship, to the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) high frequency transducers and European bass drivers, ELYSIAN sets a new standard for home audio experiences.

Evo 4 series

EVO4 is a continuation of the best-selling EVO series, which reflects the progression of high-fidelity audio at an affordable price. EVO4 is more than simply a fresh version of the EVO concept; it also incorporates trickle-down technology from Wharfedale’s new flagship ELYSIAN series, and just like ELYSIAN, EVO4 pushes the frontiers of technology and performance in speakers in this price range. EVO4 stands out from the crowd in every way, from the cabinet design to the materials used.

Home Cinema

The New DX-2 5.1 speaker system from Wharfedale is great for individuals looking for a more discrete, elegant, and inexpensive solution for true surround sound. The DX-2 succeeds the equally small DX-1 line of speaker packages with four satellite speakers for the front and rear, a compact centre speaker and an active subwoofer.

When it comes to listening to movies and music in 5.1 surround sound, the Mission M-CUBE+SE 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Pack is a no-fuss answer. The M-CUBE+SE satellite speakers are easy to install because of their tiny, attractive design, flexible mounting options, and wide dispersion characteristics.


In order to get the most out of your audio or home theatre system, the D8 and D10 subwoofers are a must-have accessory. For the new D10, the front baffles and veneers have been reworked for a more visually appealing appearance.

The establishment of our professional partnership with Wharfedale was sparked by our shared appreciation for musical performance and listening. Distinction Audio provides, designs, and installs all of the brands products, and the company is well-known all over the world for producing home audio solutions that are of a high quality while being affordable.

The term “high fidelity,” or “HiFi,” refers to a speaker’s ability to produce crisp, clear audio. A smooth frequency response and no audible noise or distortion are the hallmarks of high-fidelity audio equipment.

Wharfedale is a member of the International Audio group, which is not only one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry but also one of the largest makers of audio products in the world.

Listening to high-quality sound through a stereo is what an audiophile is all about. The goal of audiophile-grade recordings and equipment is to recreate music as accurately as possible, with no distortions or alterations whatsoever.

Wharfedale products have excellent reviews and have won awards, thanks to the superb engineering and quality material used.

Wharfedale is a British producer of audio equipment with headquarters in the United Kingdom. The company is primarily known for producing loudspeakers. Wharfedale also manufactured televisions, DVD players, set-top boxes, and high-fidelity audio players in the past. Since 2008, their main focus has been on the production and sale of audio equipment.