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Cambridge Audio enriches life through exceptional sound by making world-class audio accessible to all.  Music is ever-present. It shapes who we are. It inspires us, changes us, moves us.

Cambridge Audio wants you to hear your favourite music at its very best – as the artist intended it to be heard, with nothing added, nothing taken away.
It’s what you as a listener deserves.

That’s why they’ve been doing what they do for more than five decades.

It’s why Cambridge Audio is constantly experimenting, improving and creating new kit,
to make your listening experience better.


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Distinction Audio is your ultimate destination for Cambridge Audio NZ. As a leading home entertainment retailer, we’re proud to offer a wide range of Cambridge Audio speakers, amplifiers, and accessories that cater to all your audio needs. With our extensive collection and expert team, we ensure that you find the perfect fit for your home, all at competitive prices.

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Cambridge Audio has been at the forefront of the home audio industry for over five decades, consistently delivering exceptional sound performance and cutting-edge technology. As a Cambridge Audio NZ-authorised dealer, we’re excited to share their passion for music and innovation with you. Browse through our Cambridge Audio range and discover the power of truly immersive sound.

Cambridge Audio Products


Regular speakers, often referred to as main or full-range speakers, are designed to produce a wide range of audio frequencies, covering both high and low notes. These versatile speakers are suitable for most music and audio playback, ensuring a well-balanced sound that caters to all aspects of the audio spectrum.

On the other hand, a subwoofer is a specialised speaker that focuses solely on producing the lowest audio frequencies, known as bass. By handling these low-frequency sounds, a subwoofer adds depth and dimension to your audio experience, making it perfect for enhancing the impact of movie soundtracks, electronic music, or any other content with deep bass elements.

The primary difference between a regular speaker and a subwoofer lies in their function and the frequency range they cover. While regular speakers aim to reproduce the entire audio spectrum, subwoofers (like what you’ll find at Cambridge Audio) are dedicated to delivering powerful bass notes that can truly elevate your listening experience.

Absolutely! Cambridge Audio NZ is a fantastic choice for creating an immersive home theatre or surround sound system. With their exceptional sound quality and versatile range, these speakers can truly enhance your audio experience, whether you’re watching films, playing video games, or enjoying your favourite TV shows.

To set up a surround sound system with Cambridge Audio speakers, you’ll want a combination of front, centre, and rear speakers, as well as a subwoofer for those powerful bass notes. The specific speaker models you choose will depend on factors such as room size, budget, and personal preferences, but rest assured that Cambridge Audio offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

For the best experience, begin by selecting a pair of front speakers, either floor-standing or bookshelf models, which will serve as the foundation of your sound system. Next, add a centre speaker to handle dialogue and on-screen action, ensuring high levels of audio clarity. Then, incorporate rear speakers for that all-important surround effect, enveloping you in the sound from all angles.

Finally, remember to include a subwoofer to deliver those deep, resonant bass notes that truly bring your home theatre experience to life.

If you love chilling outdoors with music or often have friends over for a backyard hangout, getting Cambridge Audio outdoor speakers can really step up your game. Music brings people together, so imagine having a party in your garden or on your patio, all while enjoying top-notch sound quality.

Plus, they’re great for your own downtime too, whether you’re chilling with your favourite tunes, catching up on podcasts, or getting lost in an audiobook.

Cambridge Audio outdoor speakers are totally worth it because they’re made to handle the outside environment while still delivering awesome sound. And when they’re not on, you won’t even know they’re here, thanks to the discreet design.

With Cambridge Audio’s outdoor speakers, you’ll never need to worry about your small Bluetooth speakers running out of charge. You’ll have speakers that pack a punch, ready to go whenever you are!

In our increasingly digital world, most of the music and audio content we consume is stored and transmitted in digital format. However, to actually enjoy the sound, our speakers need to output analogue signals, which are continuous electrical waves. That’s where a DAC comes into play – it converts those digital signals into analogue ones that your speakers can reproduce, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes and movies with high-quality sound.

Now, you might wonder why you’d need to order a separate DAC product when most devices, like smartphones, computers, and AV receivers, have them built-in. Well, the truth is that not all DACs are created equal. A standalone, high-quality DAC can offer better performance, resulting in a more accurate and detailed sound reproduction compared to the built-in DACs in many consumer devices.

Adding a top-notch Cambridge Audio DAC to your home audio system can truly elevate your listening experience, providing you with richer, more immersive sound. So if you’re an audiophile or simply someone who appreciates great sound quality, investing in a dedicated DAC is definitely worth considering.

Cambridge Audio Equipment for Sale in New Zealand

At Distinction Audio, we are the suppliers of some of the world’s best audio brands, including the extensive and ever popular Cambridge Audio range. A brand that has become beloved the world over by music enthusiasts and those working in the entertainment industry, Cambridge Audio easily lives up to expectations and continues to produce excellent products that really stand out from their nearest competitors.

One of the main goals of Cambridge Audio is to make world-class audio easily accessible to everyone. Inspired by music and its ability to move humanity and change the way the world works, the Cambridge Audio equipment for sale online from Distinction audio is a cut above the rest because it has a keen understanding that it is audio quality that makes good music great.

Having been in business for more than 5 decades, the company is not only a household name in certain circles, but it is also a brand that is responsible for many changes and innovations in the world of audio. Cambridge Audio is unafraid when it comes to experimenting, which is exactly why their audio equipment is considered to be among the best in the world. Along with being able to offer clients a fantastic array of audio equipment, because the equipment is expertly thought out and put together, clients who make an investment in a Cambridge Audio device can be sure that it is going to be something that they own for a really long time.


A Brief Background

Cambridge Audio was founded in 1968, and as you might have guessed from the name, it is a proudly British brand. The company was headed up by a group of talented technology graduates and in the decades since the brand was launched, it has become a famous name, one that has made its founders very proud.

During the earliest years of the company, the first devices included the stereo amplifier, transmission line speakers, and later on, as technology advanced, the brand moved with the times by introducing CD players, and cassette players.

Today the company has advanced to include wireless technology in its catalogue of products, as well as revamped classics that never go out of style.

In the time that the Cambridge Audio has been in business, it has set a standard that has been hard for its competitors to live up to. They have brought home many awards, in recognition of their fantastic work, and if you are looking for reviews, you will find dozens of them online.

As music lovers, first and foremost, the passion to give clients the best quality sound is what continues to drive the brand to reach greater heights through their products.


Who can get the most out of Cambridge Audio products?

Cambridge Audio’s products are made for everyone, which means their products are ideal for home use. The products are designed to be easy to get to grips with and that makes them perfect for everyone from the novice just getting started to the pro who has spent a lifetime using all kinds of audio equipment.

Cambridge Audio is also, for the most part, quite well-priced for anyone interested in making an investment in their sound setup.


What does Cambridge Audio have to offer?

With just about every type of audio equipment you could imagine, Cambridge Audio is an all-round brand offering everything you could possibly need when it comes to setting up your unique sound system.

These are some of the most popular products that you will find within the Cambridge range.



The most classic of sound systems, the Hi-Fi is as popular as ever and it is a great investment for a home or even an office space.

There are a couple of Hi-Fi ranges in the Cambridge brand and they include Evo, Edge, Azur, CX, AX, Alva, and Minx, among others. The Hi-Fi selection includes everything you could need to set up your Hi-Fi system completely, or to just add a few new things to your current set up so that you can achieve the sound you are looking for.

Within the Hi-Fi collection, you will also find a selection of modern turntables, which are always a great addition and which have the power to create a certain kind of ambiance. 



For a more intimate way to connect to music, headphones offer the ultimate solution as well as a level of privacy, allowing you to escape into a world of your own. Cambridge Audio headphones fit snuggly, making them comfortable for long hours of use, and they provide the listener with a high-quality sound experience.

Melomania is the main headphone collection and it consists of wireless, discreet headphones.



You can fill your home or venue with a smooth sound with a set of speakers from the Cambridge Audio range. The bookshelf or floorstanding speakers from Cambridge are designed to offer sound and precision, they can easily be placed anywhere you like and still work perfectly and clearly.

There are quite a few options in the speaker range, and some of the popular options include the in ceiling speaker, the outdoor speaker, the entry level speaker, the bookshelf speaker, the floorstanding speaker. The brand also offers various compact options.


Why choose Cambridge Audio Appliances for sale from Distinction Audio

As one of New Zealand’s leading audio companies, we offer a variety of Cambridge Audio products. You can shop the Cambridge Audio brand directly from our webstore or if you are looking for more information about the product you are considering or if you need more information in general about your sound setup, you can contact our team. We are experienced and passionate about all things audio and with our help, we can get you setup with the right sort of system for your needs.

Our Cambridge Audio products are all competitively priced and consist of the sort of products that will allow you to create the sound system you have always dreamed of.



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