Bowers & Wilkins | Formation Duo Active Speakers


Inimitable Bowers & Wilkins sound – wirelessly.

Formation Duo uses cutting-edge technologies like Carbon Dome Tweeter-on-Top and Continuum™ drivers to deliver the audio quality Bowers & Wilkins is renowned for. Wireless hi-res sound, without compromise.

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Bowers & Wilkins | Formation Duo Active Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins | Formation Duo Active Speakers


Formation Duo

Introducing wired fidelity, wirelessly*

Exclusive Formation Wireless Technology
Creates perfected in-room speaker synchronization, providing the ultimate listening experience. Hear every detail in perfect harmony.


Perfected Speaker Synchronization
An industry-defining, completely immersive soundstage experience, due to an imperceptible in-room 1 microsecond sync between speakers


Patented Robust Mesh Network
Developed to run independently from your home WiFi network to ensure high-resolution audio performance throughout your home.


High Fidelity Streaming
96/24 Bit Audio Resolution streaming with twice the fidelity than the leading wireless speaker brand for the purest and clearest audio experience.


Quick & easy set up
Streamlined user interface takes just moments to set up and start playing.

Compatible with:
Spotify, Roon, Airplay, and Bluetooth

Carbon Dome Tweeter
Our patented Carbon Dome Tweeter design, derived from our 700 Series, delivers a precise soundscape unlike any other wireless speaker.


Continuum Cone Technology™
Features on our legendary 800 Series, the Continuum™ cone delivers expressive and accurate mid-range tones that make music come alive.


Formation Duo At A Glance:

  • The ultimate 96/24 bit high-resolution streaming audio system
  • Carbon domed tweeter-on-top design from our 700 Series
  • Designed with the legendary Continuum™ Cone from our 800 Series
  • Features Formation® Wireless Technology
  • WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, Spotify® Connect, Roon and Bluetooth compatible
  • Sets up in moments
  • Synchronizes in perfected harmony with other Formation product


* Fidelity refers to superlative Bowers & Wilkins sound.

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