Transparent MusicLink Phono RCA to RCA 1m Pair


MusicLink Phono Interconnects are the perfect way to enhance the performance of any Better music system that has a good phonograph set-up. A step above LINK Phono Interconnects, MusicLink Phono works well with other BELIEVABLE Transparent System Companions to provide clean, clear, dynamic sound over a wider frequency range for a closer connection to music.

*All phono cables are priced and sold as pairs.


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Transparent MusicLink Phono RCA to RCA 1m Pair

Transparent MusicLink Phono RCA to RCA 1m Pair



MusicLink Phono Interconnect

The dynamic freedom and natural performance of MusicLink Interconnect is now available in a version specially designed to transfer the low-level signals of phono cartridges.

Transparent’s artisans build MusicLink Phono Interconnect with the same high-quality components and attentive hand construction as MusicLink RCA interconnect.

MusicLink Phono Interconnects are upgradeable to Plus level phono interconnects and above.


    • Terminated RCA>RCA
    • Built with custom-stranded OFHC copper
    • Robust gold-plated connectors ensure ideal signal transfer and long-term durability
    • Transfers phono signals more efficiently than LINK Phono Interconnects for greater musical impact and more commanding low frequency performance
    • High-quality ground wire included
    • Built-in network is calibrated to cable length and type to further reduce noise and increase signal efficiency
    • Handcrafted in the US


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